What’s online payment? How does it work?

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What’s online payment? How does it work?

Next time you have a debt to settle with a buddy, a bookie, or an online auctioneer, just tell him the check’s in the email.
Sound impossible? Not with online person-to-person payment services (p-to-p sites, in the lingo). Whether you’re paying off bets with friends, sending money to your kid in college, or forwarding funds to purchase a quirky painting on eBay, these services make it easy. They simply tap funds from your credit card or checking account, then email the recipient, who heads to the site to claim the dough. In some cases, payees get the money as quickly as the next day. We signed up with all the p-to-p services we could find (PayPal, eMoneyMail, Ecount, and payMe.com) to see how they compare. The result might seem magic, but if you do it online it’s just much better than anywhere else.

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