Top 5 Great Web Phones

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Top 5 Great Web Phones

So you keep hearing about these new handsets that give you access to the wireless Web. And sure, it sounds convenient to use your phone to look up movie times, stock quotes, sports scores, and your daily horoscope; read email; and access cell-friendly sites. But you’re not quite ready to invest big bucks on a new model for the privilege.

Well, you don’t have to. There are plenty of Web-enabled phones that can be had for less than $150. Samsung’s SCH-6100, for example, is stylish, ultrasmall and has voice-activated dialing. Meanwhile, Qualcomm’s QCP-860 may be more standard-sized, but it’s a hair under 0.7 inches thick, comes in six colors, and is being advertised by some service providers for less than $50 (as part of a plan). These may not be the best Web phones on the market, but they are the best you’ll find in the bargain aisle.

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