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In this article I am going to cover a huge topic: Strategy implementation for small business

Small business often means few people working in the same room and usually there are lot of differences between one company and another one, but there is one thing that all great companies have in common: you need to create/produce what you sell. Of course you can sell products or services of other companies but this is not a great game, and you will never win in the end. Why? Because you are not powering up your company or your brand. You are helping other companies to grow, other brands to stand up in the market. By the time you are not useful anymore they will trash you down, unless you adapt again under their conditions. It’s very difficult to create/produce something, I know! Unfortunately there are no other options. So now I’m going list the most horrible marketing mistakes that your business should avoid.

1. Sales Funnel

The term “sales funnel” refers to a set of steps that users have to follow in order to fall into a sale. The funnel is most broad at the top because this is where the greatest volume will be. There is not a general “how-to” guide for sales funnels, but… For starters, make a list of all the places where you might encounter a potential customer: social media, forums, blogs… Whatever! In that place you need to meet him and get his attention. The key point is: try to get at least your customer’s email. How?

2. Lead Magnet

So you got your customer’s attetion. Now you give him something (like a free e-book, that is a basic lead magnet) and hopefully he will reward your effort. Lead magnets need to provide great value to your audience. When you’re choosing a lead magnet to offer on your site, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Your best fitting lead magnet will depend on your community and what they’re interested in. You have no ideas? Search “lead magnets examples” on Google.

3. Popups

There is a very famous latin saying: “In medio stat virtus”. That means you should use popups only when they create value and/or they are really useful. Is that difficult? Yes. That’s why people love when you don’t use them too much. In fact, 98% of visitors will visit your website without purchasing anything. Popups catch these visitors before they go, which means leaving a whole lot less on the table.

4. Blog and News

You need to teach your customers about your business. That’s why blog posts are extremely important when it comes to marketing. And they’re getting more and more prominent – 89% of companies think blogs will be more important in the next five years. 70% of consumers learn about a company through its blog versus through ads, and an additional 60% of consumers will feel positive about a company after reading its blog. Ultimately, 61% of customers have made a purchase based on a blog post that they read. Blog posts can be highly influential when leveraged fully. So why aren’t more businesses using blogs?

5. A/B Test

The best way to optimize your marketing strategies is to use A/B testing and to do so regularly, and especially at any point in time when you introduce something new to your site. A lot of people misunderstand A/B testing and how it ought be performed; however, once you get the basics under your belt, it’s an easy and fun way to see improvements to your site. Another misstep that many businesses are guilty of is inconsistent testing. I typically recommend that businesses check their A/B testing results once a month to be sure that they aren’t missing out on opportunities to improve. While a good conversion rate can be reached within a few cycles of testing, it can always be made even better.

6. Mobile Users

All the studies show that mobile browsing is going up, and up, and up, especially when it comes to browsing online stores. In the last six months, 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device. And the amount of smartphone users is no small number – there are 125 million consumers that own smartphones in the United States alone. The best way to optimize for mobile is to be meticulous about the tools you install on your site. The best tools will allow you to use targeting features so that your site is custom-formatted for a mobile experience, meaning that when consumers view your site from their smartphone, they will have a pristine experience leading them to stick around and make a purchase.

7. Budget

Even if your business is small and your budget is limited, you can still accomplish a lot when it comes to marketing. Many marketing tools offer free plans that are not just accessible, but incredibly useful. They also pave the path for good marketing practices moving forward. Getting into the habit of using multiple tools to boost your marketing practices is incredibly important. Instead of focusing your entire budget on one marketing strategy or tool, keep in mind that there are options that can supplement your efforts.

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