The Real Price of an e-commerce Site starting from scratch

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The Real Price of an e-commerce Site starting from scratch

If they told you it was cheap: they lied to you.
If they told you it costs more than one kidney: they lied to you.
So how much does it cost? The answer is simple: it costs exactly how much you can invest and if you think it is too easy an answer without knowledge, here is the evidence …
The world is large and full of e-commerce of any kind. Who are your competitors? How long have they been on the market? In which countries do they sell the most? If you cannot answer these simple questions, leave it out, regardless of the budget at your disposal, DO NOT open an e-commerce.
Let’s say you have a technically perfect e-commerce, well! How do your products differ from those of the competition? What after-sales services do you offer? Is your only weapon the price? Do you make them? Or do you just re-sell stuff made in China hoping to re-sell it at a price (at least) tenfold? Despite having a million dollars (or euros) available, each of these questions can radically change the performance of your portal.
You are doing some advertising on Google and sales are coming in, very well! Are you ready to receive negative reviews? How do you plan to manage an unsatisfied customer? Do you pay the shipping costs for the return? What if the customer is satisfied and is an important / famous person in his field? Testimonials and your contacts are as important (and perhaps more important) than the advertising budget available to you.
Doesn’t all this seem enough? So let’s pretend to open an ice cream shop in e-commerce format. We don’t have the rent to pay and we don’t have the furniture, but we need everything else. How much does an ice cream parlor cost in the real world? From the Sole 24 Ore on January 29, 2020: “500 thousand euros is the average cost calculated by Venchi S.p.a. for the opening of a new store “. Does it seem too much? Ok, let’s divide the cost by 10. In total we are at fifty thousand euros: 50,000 not 5,000. (for those wishing to take a look at the original article of the Sole 24 Ore, write us a request for the resource “IMG_20200129”)
Does it seem too much anyway? We were talking about an online ice cream shop, not your company. YOU are the one who has to understand how much you are willing to bet for YOUR entrepreneurial adventure. Depending on the budget you have available, there are many tools from the least expensive to the most expensive, depending on what you need to do: WooCommerce? Shopify? Magento? All have strengths and weaknesses, the point is that you will have to TRUST those who have more experience than you and can advise you selflessly.

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