Real Benefits of the Big Data approach

In this page you will find two concrete and useful examples of what big data means.

We believe that business success also comes out from knowing things that your competitors ignore. It worked for us very well. The target audience of this page are business owners, sales managers and marketing managers.
This is not meant to be a long article, we all have a short amount of time to read.

Approx. Time required: less than 1 minute.

Companies visiting your website

Companies visiting your website

The big data approach allows you to turn anonymous visitors into company names and useful data for your sales activities. You can see who they are, what pages they saw and how long they have been reading your content. This information will completely change the pace of your marketing tactics and the results you will achieve.

Internet Popularity

Check your internet popularity

Checking out the internet popularity is very important for all kind of businesses. It's not a brand awareness task only, but also a good signal used by search engines (like Google) to rank you. Example: the first 3 huge "friends" of Facebook are:, and - Check out the graph here.
If you know who talks about you, at least you can start some business relation to improve your visibility.

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