Why Nike left Amazon

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Why Nike left Amazon

Does it seem strange that Nike may have decided to abandon Amazon? The legendary John Donahoe, CEO of Nike, through a spokeswoman said that “As part of Nike’s focus on elevating consumer experiences through more direct, personal relationships, we have made the decision to complete our current pilot with Amazon Retail,”. Translated: “On Amazon we are just one of many, but we are unique, we have our brand, we make our shoes, we sell them. Period.”
We are saying this since a long time ago: whatever brand / product / service you have, if you produce it you have to sell it! It is not a rule that applies only to the world of footwear, but to any market. Of course, in the short term Amazon gives you incredible visibility and everything might seem to be going well, but in the long term it is a disaster because Amazon enhances its brand thanks to your products.

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