How much does Google Earn with Advertising? Here it is the answer…

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How much does Facebook Earn with Advertising? Here it is the answer…
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How much does Google Earn with Advertising? Here it is the answer…

2019 for Google and its advertising sales has been a year to celebrate, while all the other departments have very little to toast. Let’s see some numbers together … (all of them refer to the Italian market only)

Total advertising was 8.8 billion euros (a nice -0.9% compared to 2018) and industrial production in general fell by -1.3%.

Printed paper posted a nice -11.6% (-10% of newspapers, -13.9% of periodicals)

Television -5.3%

Traditional mail -3%

Road signs -8.4%

And then there are the notorious Over The Top, those ones who have to shoot them to stop …

The total of Internet advertising alone grossed a good 8.3% of advertising revenues (3.3 billion)

The really interesting thing is that the “traditional” web, now taken for granted, has made a + 3.5%

The giants (Google and Facebook in the lead) have pulverized anyone with + 9.2%. Note that these giants collect 85% of the 3.3 billion themselves, really not bad!

But what if we had to rank the most important sectors? Here they come…

TV 41% (against 43% in 2018)

Digital 38.2% (against 35% in 2018)

Print 10%

Radio 5%

Conclusion: Digital is running, above all thanks to now customs cleared platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager.

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