How Much Does Google Ads (ex Google AdWords) Cost?

How Much Does Google Ads (ex Google AdWords) Cost?

How Much Does Google Ads (ex Google AdWords) Cost?

The answer is very simple: minimum $1 per day, so it’s about $365 / year.

If you need something more, read below.

Let’s pretend to be a house painter who works in New York. How do people find us? What do they type on Google? Maybe they simply write this keyword: “new york painting”. Well, the very first places in Google cost (EVERY single CLICK) between $4 and $5. If 100 people click on your ad within one month, you have a minimum cost of $400. You may receive at least 3% of calls (so 3 calls every 100 clicks). With those 3 calls you must be able (at least) to pay Google’s bill.

Not all keywords cost $4 per click, but for words like “new york painting” you can consider an average cost of $1 per click. That’s why it’s so important you don’t try to create Google campaigns on your own. You may risk to erase your credit card limit.

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