Digital Advertising Campaigns based on Artificial Intelligence: JUDO BOX

Exploit the Big Ones for Your Own Advantage

How it works: thanks to the websites that you will list, we will identify the relevant audience, to whom we will show your advertising banners on the most prestigious online websites. The more Big Brands invest in their visibility, the better it is for your own.

With an extremely low budget it is possible to obtain a very large number of qualified visits to your site, certified by your Google Analytics. Our advanced system uses all the main online advertising distributors to appear on big portals such as: Bloomberg, BBC, The Guardian...

What's inside: the JUDO BOX system is composed by dedicated hardware (see photo) and our custom made software based on Artificial Intelligence. You get a specific audience based on visitors of other sites. The visibility is huge and absolutely measurable.

A summary of benefits:

  • Target Users: they know other brands, not Yours.
  • Single Click cost lower than $0,25
  • High visibility on prestigious Portals
    1. Web Traffic analyzed by Google Analytics

      In the screenshot shown here you can see the traffic detected in just one day. Through an appropriate configuration you can check every day directly on your Google Analytics account how much traffic has been generated and the behavior of your users.

      We have many case histories made on various types of customers from any sector and the results are always similar to the statistics you can see here. For more information on this, press the button below.


      Activation and Subscription

      Our service prices are the sum of an activation fee and the traffic you want to get. The cost of activation depends on the ranking of the sites to be analyzed. The traffic you want to get is in pre-paid mode, each click has a cost of less than 0.25 euros and will be deducted from the budget you want to invest. You can check the ratio between investment and number of clicks obtained daily through the metrics of your console on Google Analytics.

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