How to export Italian Apples in India

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How to export Italian Apples in India

Duties (sometimes) can be a great opportunity.

India has imposed duties on 28 products “made in the USA”, including apples, a measure that benefits all Italian agricultural producers (and not only) who have good relations with this great continent. Trying to ignore the motivations the reason why Indian government made this move, it remains an incontrovertible fact: Trump’s duties are simply generating a crazy ruckus that is not manageable by human minds on a planetary level, there are too many variables at stake. Never in history has the market been so global and so competitive, so there is no historian even to be able to train some artificial intelligence.

With this move, the White House has canceled India from the list of countries considered “developing”, a label that allowed it in recent years the exemption from US tariffs on billions of dollars of exports. According to Trump, New Delhi would not have given the US “fair and reasonable access to its markets”. Let’s see the numbers in play. There are about 2,000 Indian products that had access to the American market without duties. In 2018, assets of $ 5.7 billion were included in these tariff exemptions. The Indian government thus responded with the same currency, penalizing a series of agricultural products with stars and stripes, including apples.

Coldiretti in its analysis ended up in the Istat data was very clear «Italian apples can take advantage of the commercial war between the US and India after the national exports of the fruit to the Asian country exceeded 30 million kilos for the first time in the first quarter of 2019 with a record increase of 15 times compared to the same period of the previous year ».

So the point now is: how can the majestic Italian apples be exported to India? The first step to answer this question is simple: first of all we need “all” Indians to know about the existence of Italian producers! The only way, fast and measurable, are online advertising campaigns based on both search engines (using keywords) and digital graphic banner tools (virtual leaflet style) only for those visiting Tricolor sites. An Indian must be able to find an Italian producer easily and quickly online. This producer must remain in the mind of this Indian user for a sufficient time to have him complete an e-mail request. It is not science fiction, it is possible starting today. Carpe Diem!


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