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Games for Your Cell Phone

So there you are, sitting in an airport, waiting to board your plane, when the dreaded announcement blares over the loudspeaker: Due to inclement weather in Chicago, your flight has been delayed another hour. But you’re not bummed. Oh no. That’s because you’re playing the first-person shooter, Mobile Quake, on your cell phone with ten other delayed travelers stuck in airports around the country. And you’re kicking some serious butt.
Are we dreaming? When did Mobile Quake come out? And how come I don’t have it?

Well, it hasn’t arrived–yet. But sometime in the next three to four years, when wireless networks go high-speed, such wireless-Web multiplayer games will be a reality. They may not be called Mobile Quake or Mobile Half Life, and they’ll probably look like an early version of Doom, but count on their arrival.

We know, it’s pretty hard to believe, considering the crude games available for today’s cell phones. But with better technology on the way, including color screens, and with Jupiter Communications predicting that 95 million browser-enabled cell phones will be in use by 2004, game developers such as Marvel Entertainment are champing at the bit to team up with service providers and go after this huge new market.

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