Being a Famous Wedding Planner

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Being a Famous Wedding Planner

Some people think there are profitable (read: basically large) and unprofitable (read: too small to earn enough) customers.
On the other hand, as usual, we are hardened dissidents and after many years of business we are still here to tell our experience, you tell me why!

Customers are divided into two broad categories:

  1. Those that can be managed well, from start to finish

  2. Those that should not be taken because you are not able to understand and / or manage them

Among those that you can manage there are NO small or large ones, but only those you get in tune with. This category certainly includes Silvia, an entrepreneur with a capital “I”. What drives this lady it is certainly not the banal pursuit of economic success. What animates this woman is love and passion for what she does. Do they seem obvious and empty words? Try to be a wedding planner without putting yourself in it: love for the people you meet and passion for details.
When she turned to us to rebuild her site she was in a very particular condition: she had NEVER had total CONTROL of the communication. If you think that she is the only one to have problems of this type, you are very wrong. Just recently one of our international customers in the food sector discovered that he had big problems in the CONTROL of his sites, his own statistics, etc…. And let’s go back to the beginning of this article. It is not difficult to sync with Silvia, but we had to help her in difficult choices and some tests to understand together the needs of her market, her audience and the channels available (web & social). Not to mention the competition!
If you want to undertake the job of Wedding Planner, perhaps it is appropriate that you first have a chat with this customer of ours, to understand the challenges that await you.
Brava Silvia! Rock & Roll… !!!

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