Is Facebook really Free for business companies?

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Is Facebook really Free for business companies?

The short answer is: NO

Every business service has got a price, and Facebook is no exception to this simple rule.

We created several test pages and ads that successfully generated likes on page at an average cost between $0.21 to $0.67. It may seem to be analogous to building up a database of email addresses of people that wanted to keep in touch. It’s not. So what is that? Pure brand awareness and interaction, because people need to know you exist.

And now you think that all people “subscribed” to your page (yes, you have fans now!) are going to read what you post. No, they don’t. For example, with over 6,000 likes on a business page, a typical post with no money would only be seen by 60 to max 300 people (from 1% to 5%). Not quite what you expect, uh? You need to promote each post if you really have something good to say. How much? An average of 1$ to reach 150 fans of your page.

That’s why you need money to use Facebook. That’s why you need to hire professional to spend your money on Facebook. That’s why Facebook is NOT free for business companies.

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