Benefits of Web & Digital Marketing

In this page you will find some examples of real benefits using web and digital marketing technologies.

We have a huge list of real case studies for internationally famous brands. Big consulting companies already use our services as "ghost workers". We solve problems for them and we are both happy. Feel free to contact our team today and ask for any information.

E-COMMERCE: full-service web strategy

For this fashion company we created a full-service web strategy: Google Analytics to measure ROI, a complete SEO campaign, massive Google AdWords campaign (standard and remarketing), Social Media support campaign with events and goals monitoring. Goal achieved: almost 5 millions euros in one quarter.

SEO: full campaign setup and ongoing support

This is a nice graph that shows our SEO progress and success. We have been working hard with this client for five years. Goal achieved: more than 8000 users / month.

SEO: advanced optimization

We completed an advanced SEO optimization for this finance company. +45,79% of web qualified traffic, from 246.587 to 359.489 power users.

ADWORDS: campaign optimization

We optimized this campaign of about 6000 euros / year. Goal achieved: look at the CTR parameter, that number means qualified leads and sales conversions.

FACEBOOK: full campaign creation and monitoring

Here we talk about a motorbike company. This graph shows a brand awareness project and the numers talk themselves. From 9.700 to 116.951 fans in just 12 months, with a very light budget.

We don't show off brands, we light up real results

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